How can I deconstruct, create and learn music more effectively?

I've been obsessed by this question for as long as I can remember.

On this site I deconstruct music in its two fundamental ways; it's practical application as well as its essential theory. Theoretical knowledge on its own leaves us in silos creatively, as we learn more about a subject abstracted from real life – we waste our potential as the material becomes academic as opposed to being integrated and eventually mastered.

Lean Musician is about filtering out all the fluff and focusing on the essential things that give you direct access to the tools and material you want to master. In other words it's the 80/20 principle applied in music.

In this blog I follow the archetype and way of being a modern, highly-organised, effective and also yet childlike musician who stays passionate as they turn pro. Lean musicianship is total musicianship and is therefore about pushing through your beliefs of limitation and continually growing and becoming greater than who you are. It’s a continual and individual journey of improvement – not through comparison to others, but as an individual's life project.

Lean Musicianship is more about unlearning your limitations than it is adding more stuff into your life. It's about continually chiseling away what doesn't help and getting to the core of good craft and artistry.

About Me

My name is Jack, and I'm a composer, producer and educator. I live in the UK with my fiancé Rachel. I love music, I love the internet and I love teaching as I learn.