LM002: Ben Salisbury, Film Composer.

Ben Salisbury Interview Lean Musician


This interview with Ben Salisbury was actually done over a year ago. Before Lean Musician, Jack had started another podcast for Film Composers & Sound designers called The Sound of Media. After he found himself winding it down after 7 episodes – Tom & Jack formed it into a new project – which is now Lean Musician!

Jack knows Ben from a project a few years back & he’s a big composer on the Bristol scene (where Jack lives). He’s prolific has been involved in some seriously interesting projects, not least:

  • Beyonce’s directorial debut
  • Various natural history films with David Attenborough
  • Work with Geoff Barrow & Portishead

It’s a great interview & one of the ones we really didn’t want to let go into the dusty archives of Jack's computer. We hope you enjoy it & please remember to head over to the show notes at


… where you’l be able to find an outline of the episode, subscribe on iTunes or Android & references all links mentioned in this episode.

Outline of the podcast:

  • 00.00 Ben Talks about what he's up to
  • 12:30: How does the interplay of a classical education & an interest in sound design play out in your work?
  • 15:50 Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by ‘changing the world with the score’?
  • 18:40 Composing for Natural History vs more alternative projects & escaping the ‘standard way’ of writing.
  • 23:00 Different ways of listening & hearing music in media.
  • 25:00 The Sound of Natural History Scores
  • 29:00 Not dominating with your scores & some praise from David Attenborough
  • 35:36 Whats your starting point & approach to composition?
  • 43:00 Any advice for getting ‘fresh ears’?

Links and items mentioned in this episode:

  • What? No comments? This was a great interview. I work in the classical music field for an orchestra, but sadly I don’t often get a chance to hear what is going on in areas such as film music (or at least not until the film score is 15 years old …)

    I struggle a bit to understand why the industry continues to virtually ignore this type of music when it is actually a) the closest stepping stone to classical music that many people will experience and b) really interesting music in its own right.

    Keep up the good work. I’m definitely tuning in for future episodes.

    • Lean Musician

      Hey Matthew – nice one for commenting man – appreciate it.

      Interestingly it’s exactly what got me into the world of classical music – it was my stepping stone. A good point.